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04 September 2009 @ 03:47 pm
Words! Meme  
Reply to this meme by yelling 'Words!' and I will give you five words that remind me of you. Then post them in your LJ and explain what they mean to you.

I was given these words by the awesome rdyfrde =)...

Snail: I am moved ç_ç... The snail is the animal that I keep dear the most =). Not by chance it is often found in my username, avatars, etc.... I have a strange fondness for those animals that are usually little and weak and not particularly liked in general. I'm not saying I look like a snail (at least, I hope - basically on account of the saliva), but I kind of like to compare myself to one.
Hugs: ahah this was the funny one =D... I don't know why it came into my friend's mind, but... yes, I love hugs and in particular I love giving them to others... And, no: I don't smoke pot XD...
Family: this, I don't really know why it popped up. I'm afraid family is the only thing that bears and stands me the way I am, because you must know that I'm like a broken pipe or tap, which subconsciously floods water just in one part of the sorroundings. I say subconsciously because it is surely one of the worst faults I have and diseases I can't cure yet (about the very worst flaw, I must think and find out first =D...).
Ships: well, this is one of those things I have a relationship love\hate with =)... I love old ships - they are beautiful in my opinion (keep in mind I'm no expert, though), but sailing scares me. I couldn't really get on one of those or simply think about it, I don't want to. But at the same time... I feel something drawing me to ships and water in general, a strange calling that I can answer to only through art.
Cheese: eheh =D, this is one of the tastiest (if this word does even exist! XD) food that doesn't make a dish by itself! I used to eat it really a lot, but with time I've stopped - or else you would see me from the other side of the planet. My friend rdyfrde and I love it! =D =D =D...
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