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27 March 2011 @ 12:03 am
Friday Five - Memories  
From yesterday's Friday Five =):

1.) What smell brings you a fond memory? Well, surely there are several which do this. One that I can think of now is the smell of homemade bread. Mmmm if I just stop and focus on that memory... ^_^ It reminds me of my childhood and is a very fond one.
2.) What song makes you nostalgic? Now, this is a tough question! XD Many songs do me this effect, I've always loved it. Mmmm it happens a lot with children's songs which I listened to or with soundtracks. Just to say one or two, though, I'd choose Paid In Full by Sonata Arctica and Christmas Bells, Carousels & Time (or whatever you like from that album) by Trans-Siberian Orchestra. Shivers!
3.) What taste reminds you of school? Actually nothing in particular because I still eat at least the major part of the food I ate at school.
4.) Which season makes you remember the most things in your past? Well, it should be natural to choose winter, because the majority of changes and all happen at school, but I don't link seasons directly to the memories, I'm afraid.
5.) Which memory do you treasure? Eeeh, I have many XD Which one should I pick? Spontaneously my mind went to a very far day from now, where I had the most beautiful kiss I've ever had (I mean, the one I enjoyed more). I'm sure you don't want to know XD Guess I am romantic, though XD
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