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25 June 2010 @ 07:19 pm
Friday Five (Dreams & Sleep)  
1. When is your usual bedtime? Well, it varies from different periods of the year. When I am studying, it's about midnight; when I'm on holiday, after that; in summer, 2.00-3.00 a.m. =D
2. How many hours of sleep do you need? Despite this, I need several hours of sleep, about seven: less than those, even if I can resist until that hour of night, the next morning I'm a little sleepy.
3. Do you usually remember your dreams? Yes, because I like remembering them and maybe seeing something in them (not predictions, though XD). It's fun and interesting to see how strange dreams our brain can create =)
4. How many pillows do you sleep with? Just one, I can't tolerate to have more =D I can sleep even without it, but if I have one that must be mine =D =)
5. What is the wildest dream you've ever had? Ahahahah there's a wide range of answers! =D =D =D I've had many strange dreams. Yesterday I dreamt that I was going around in some strange and big open place (as some scenarios in Tomb Raider =D), with some entrances and tunnels that linked to a tall building. There were many expensive flats, and some friend and I got into to steal rich items and objects. Unfortunately suddenly many men appeared from the drawers and other containers in the room, we supposed to kill us XD Then we fled running inside our spaceship to go away. Don't ask O__o
Where: home
How: indescribableindescribable